Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new field in financial markets compared to traditional investment instruments. Although it has not been a long time since he entered our lives, he is known and known by the great masses.

It is currently the largest crypto asset dominating the Bitcoin crypto market. However, there are major crypto assets with high market value and awareness.

Sardis Markets did not lag behind the developments and included crypto assets in its quotation.

Investors can get one step closer to financial freedom by turning the high volatility and development potential of crypto markets into investment opportunities. Take a look at Sardis' wide product range.

Live Price Stream

Symbol explanation Buying Sales
BTCUSD Bitcoin vs. USD 56601.41 56616.39
ETHUSD Ethereum vs. USD 2982.48 2985.54
LTCUSD LiteCoin vs. USD 61.55 61.91
XRPUSD Ripple vs. USD 0.4238 0.4256