From past to present, one of the biggest investment tools of financial markets is stock markets.

Investing in the world's most popular stock markets through Sardis Markets is as close as one touch.

It offers the opportunity to invest in the stock market index of many countries, especially the US and European stock markets.

The US stock markets are the stock markets with the largest trading volume when compared to other countries.

You can easily invest in all three US Stock Indices, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and SP500, through Sardis Markets.

Live Price Stream

Symbol explanation Buying Sales
DXY Dollar Indice 111.524 111.532
AUS200 Australia 200 Cash Index 7491.9 7493.1
DAXEUR. Germany 40 Index 18717.08 18718.72
DE40.c Germany 40 index 16873.1 16874.7
DJ30.c Dow Jones 30 38234.9 38237.1
ES35 Spain 35 Cash Index 8160.8 8165.1
NDXUSD. Nasdaq 100 Index (US Tech 100) 18545.55 18547.85
UK100 UK 100 Cash Index 7665.5 7666.8
US500 SPX500 4865.5 4866.2
USTEC.c NAS100 17261.8 17263.2